IT Governance


For any investment in Information Technology (hardware, software, services) with a direct cost (not including VCU faculty and staff time) greater than $10,000 using E&G or University Auxiliary funds, use the IT Investment Proposal Form.  Exempt from review or approval by the committee are grant funded and student fee funded IT investments.

There are two types of proposals received by the committee using the online form:

Proposal for Review: a proposal with direct cost (not including VCU faculty and staff time) greater than $10,000 but less than $50,000 using E&G or University Auxiliary funds

Proposal for Approval: a proposal with direct cost (not including VCU faculty and staff time) greater than $50,000 using E&G or University Auxiliary funds

The time to submit a Proposal is when the requirements have been analyzed and defined such that potential technology solutions can be evaluated.  No specific solution is necessary to be identified in the Proposal.  Any member of the University community may submit a Proposal for a potential investment in IT by completing the online form and submitting it.  

The Committee evaluates all Proposals within five business days of it being posted.  For Review Only Proposals, the Committee can raise questions or suggest alternatives.  For Approval Proposals, an electronic process provides each member with three options:  (1) Approve (2) Approve with Questions/Concerns (3) Decline with Explanation.  Results are tabulated in total without individual member votes being identified.  Any questions are directed to the investment’s sponsor for resolution and the answers sent directly to the Committee for their final determination.  Requesting sponsors are then notified of the result of the Committee’s evaluation.  

If approved, notification will be sent to the sponsor with the Investment Approval Number (IAN) which is to be included in the Purchase Requisition sent to Procurement Services.  

Should an investment Proposal be declined, the requesting sponsor is sent the associated explanations from all members.  It is always possible that issues with a declined Proposal may be addressed by the requesting sponsor and the Proposal resubmitted at a later date.

Those investments in IT rated by the Committee as having significant cost, time, resources and risk qualify for Portfolio Management.  After receiving an approval for their Proposal, the sponsor of the qualifying investment will be requested to complete the Project Initiation Form V1.2 which provides the information the Committee needs to determine the investment’s priority vis-e-vie all other IT investments in a given portfolio.  The Committee has the option to request a Proposal sponsor attend a monthly meeting if there are significant questions/concerns. 

All portfolios of UAAITSC approved investments is updated monthly and sent to the University Executive Leadership Team (ELT) for review and approval.  Any adjustments to the portfolio by the ELT are incorporated and the result is the approved list of VCU’s prioritized investments in IT.  The current portfolio is available here to VCU faculty, staff, and students with an eID and password.