IT procurement steps and checklist

IT Governance Checklist is a quick overview of the IT Governance process. Please review it before continuing onto the next steps.

VCU is committed to ensuring that all technology procured by the University is accessible to faculty/staff, program participants, students, or other University constituencies. To that end, those responsible for making decisions as to which products to procure must consider accessibility as one of the criteria for acquisition.

When procuring IT replacement technology, include the rationale for the change as well as whether or not other more accessible technologies exist.

IT procurement steps to submission

In preparation of submitting proposals, request the required documentation from vendors ASAP including:

If all of the necessary information and forms are not submitted with the IT Investment Proposal, the review process will be delayed.

  1. Gather all the necessary information from vendor prior to submitting IT Investment Proposal requests as these must be submitted to the IT Investment Proposal form below:
    1. Vendor completes VPAT
    2. Vendor completes HECVAT
  2. When ready for submission to the committee, complete the IT Investment Proposal Online Form. You may save your progress and return later on the forms by using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

IT proposal tips

Please review your proposal for the following to expedite reviews and approvals:

Avoid Acronyms. Review the proposal for acronyms that may be unknown to the reader of your proposal. Acronyms can be used in the proposal only once they have been clearly defined in your proposal.

Terminology. Review the proposal for terminology that may be unknown to the reader. If a term is unique to your area, please be sure to define them.

Attachments. Please do not copy sales materials from vendors to the questions asked on the form. Submit them as attachments to the proposal but put forth your answers and the business case for your proposal in your own terms.

Rationale. If your solution replaces one currently in use at VCU, please outline your rationale for the switch. While contracts will expire, the switching costs for an application or service are real and should be addressed in your proposal. Accessibility and any alternate solutions should be addressed and considered.

Documentation. If you have arrived at the proposed solution after careful consideration of alternatives already at VCU, please share this exploration of options with the committee so that we avoid suggesting options that have already been considered.

Solicitation of accessibility information. Vendors and/or bidders are required to demonstrate that any EIT provided to VCU is compliant with VCU Web Standards and WCAG 2.0, Level AA conformance wherever such performance levels are applicable. Soliciting accessibility information from vendors prior to submitting a request will expedite the process.

  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) from the vendor which is based on WCAG 2.0 Level AA. The VPAT 2.3 template is available from the Information Technology Industry Council.
  • Please ensure the vendor FILLS OUT the VPAT completely. All of the sucess criteria boxes need to be filled out.
  • Any VPAT submitted with only the contact information completed, and not the template, will not be accepted.

Validation of accessibility requirements. In consultation with university procurement, IT governance, the EIT Accessibility Coordinator, or other qualified EIT accessibility staff, VCU will attempt to validate the accessibility information provided by vendors and/or bidders. This may be completed by:

  • Completing an internal evaluation of the Product and/or Service
  • Obtaining additional information from the bidder or vendor
  • Consulting with third parties that also use the Product and/or Service.