IT Governance Review Process

The following outline gives a brief overview of the IT Governance Review Process once an investment is submitted by the sponsor. See the IT Governance Process Guide for complete details.

IT Governance Review

  1. Technology Procurement Committee conducts initial review for accessibility and security of the investment.
    1. Low impact investments- follows fast track review and does not need to go through full Committee review prior to approval.
    2. High impact investments- will be sent to the designated IT Governance Committee for review.
  2. Governance Committee Reviews- members review the proposal over a 5 day review period.
    1. Sponsor questions- chairs will send committee questions to the sponsor via email and/or may ask the sponsor to attend the monthly committee meeting to discuss questions about the investment.
    2. Final recommendation- committee issues final recommendation to Strategic IT Council.  
  3. Strategic IT Council Review -reviews committee recommendation and issues final approval on investment.

Approval to Procurement

Approved investments (low and high) once marked approved are sent to procurement and the sponsor with an IT Governance tracking number.

  1. Procurement receives the investment proposal with the designated IT Governance tracking number.
  2. Procurement facilitates the contract and procures the investment.