What is IT Governance

IT governance is a process used to review and make recommendations on IT investment and capability decisions at VCU. It is utilized when someone wants to pursue, purchase, renew or find a technology solution to meet an identified business, teaching, research or operational need. Effective IT governance aims to ensure that the best investments are selected to support and enable VCU’s mission, vision, and goals and strategy.

The IT governance process follows an established framework that allows for broader collaboration and coordination amongst executive leadership, subject matter experts, IT departments, faculty, staff, students and VCU Health system stakeholders to review all IT investments made at VCU. Additionally, the IT Governance process allows for more detailed and in depth planning, resourcing and implementation of IT investments.

Why do IT Governance?

  • IT Governance promotes collaboration, transparency, informed decision-making, and more efficient planning, resourcing, and management of IT investments across the University.
  • Allows for more innovative design, resourcing and support of enterprise IT solutions utilized across department’s at VCU.
  • Greater financial savings can be seen for VCU through reduction of duplicative IT investments across departments and increased purchasing of enterprise (or institutional) IT solutions and licenses.
  • Promotes good stewardship of how student tuition dollars, technology fees and University budget is spent.
  • Facilitates a framework to ensure that IT investments are reviewed and meet required accessibility, security and other standards to ensure we remain compliant, safe and secure in our IT investments and infrastructure.
  • Enables trust in the privacy and security of our data through selection of secure technology investments.