IT Governance Roles


  • A VCU community member who wishes to invest in a new technology solution, pilot a new technology solution(s), find a technology solution to meet a business/teaching/research need, or renew or expand a contract for an existing IT investment.
  • Responsible for partnering with their departmental IT consultant to provide all information necessary to submit investment proposals to the Governance process.
  • Responsible for submission of the proposed investment for review by the appropriate Governance Review Committee(s).
  • Responsible for addressing questions brought forward by the Governance Review Committee(s) and attending required committee meetings to provide responses and information.

Departmental IT Consultant

  • IT person who has been identified as the Major Business Unit/departmental IT Governance consultant.
    Required to be trained in the IT Governance review process so as to understand and be a good steward of the process.
  • Responsible for making a best effort to review and suggest all existing technology solutions that could potentially meet the needs of the sponsor.
  • Responsible for utilizing the IT Governance best practice checklist for discussions with sponsors to ensure well thought out consultation regarding proposed technology product, idea or solution that meets established IT baselines and standards.
  • Responsible for assisting the sponsor with their IT investment proposal submission, as well as coordinating with the vendor of the identified technology solution to obtain required information for the review.
  • Responsible for entering all investments/technology in the application/service catalog once procured, and maintaining/updating each record annually.

IT Governance Process Owner

  • Owns and is accountable for the IT Governance process and ensuring that it is followed.
  • Responsible for continued improvements to the process.
  • Responsible for data and reporting of process outcomes
  • Responsible for assisting Committees as needed and finding replacement members/chairs.
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration in IT governance, IT services and solutions across the schools, programs, and campus.

Committee Chairs

  • Coordinates monthly meetings and responsible for communication with Committee members.
  • Responsible for coordination with other review committees, advisory groups, and others as needed as part of the investment proposal review.
  • Responsible for ensuring that final recommendations are made by Committee members during monthly meetings for each proposed investment or project.
  • Responsible for attending monthly Strategic IT Council meetings and reporting Committee recommendations.

Committee Members

  • Attends required meetings and is responsible for completing a thorough review of  proposed technology investments or projects.
  • Have a clear understanding of the University’s strategic mission and goals.
  • Be able to represent their respective areas, and understand the needs, goals and constraints that are present across their unit.
  • Understand how information technology resources, services, and personnel support the mission of VCU.

Advisory Groups, Stakeholders and Partnerships

  • Faculty Technology Advisory Committee
  • Faculty Senate
  • Staff Senate
  • Student Technology Advisory Committee
  • Student Government Association
  • Technology Advisory Committee
  • Technician User Group
  • Banner Issues Group
  • Budget Committee
  • Compliance Advisory Committee
  • Data and Information Management Council (DIMC)
  • Procurement Research Technology Committee
  • Committee on the Administration of Research (CAR)
  • Chief Business Officers group (Health Science Campus)
  • VCU Health System IT Governance
  • VCU Procurement Services
  • VCU Fixed Asset Coordinators
  • VCU Technology Services